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What's Included in Newborn Care?

What's Included in Newborn Care?

The American Academy of Pediatricians sets the guidelines for the frequency of newborn (well-baby) visits. They recommend that your newest family member see the doctor by age 3-5 days and another six times before they’re a year old.

Newborn care helps ensure your infant has the healthiest start possible. They also offer the opportunity for first-time and experienced parents to ask questions and express concerns. But, honestly, are belly buttons supposed to look like that?

Our team at Southfield Pediatrics in Bingham Farms and Novi, Michigan, is committed to providing outstanding medical care for children of all ages. We always welcome the opportunity to establish long-lasting relationships with patients who have yet to reach their first week of life.

Newborn care is essential. Here’s what you can expect during a visit here at Southfield Pediatrics.

Monitoring your baby’s health

Newborn visits help pediatricians track your baby’s health in numerous ways. While every infant is wonderfully unique, as pediatricians, we follow age-related guidelines to evaluate whether your baby is growing and developing as expected.

Weight, for instance, is a vital health marker for infants. We expect a baby’s weight to triple by their first birthday. Conversely, low weight gain could indicate food intolerance, problems with digestion, or other underlying health factors.      

During a newborn (well-baby or well-child) visit, our Southfield Pediatrics team checks your infant’s weight, length, heart rate, and other essential vital signs. 

Depending on age, we also evaluate your baby’s startle reflex, muscle tone, and other developmental measurements, such as head circumference, to ensure your child is progressing as expected.

Preventing illness

Vaccines support your newborn's immune system in developing a strong defense against many serious illnesses. Thus, immunizations are often part of well-child visits during infancy and early childhood.

Checking in with parents

At Southfield Pediatrics, we understand that parenting is a challenging experience, whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced pro. So we’re always happy to address your concerns or questions, even those about your baby’s belly button.

We also ask you questions about feeding and sleeping schedules, activity levels, and other factors that can influence infant health. You can also expect information about warning signs and symptoms of viruses or other acute illnesses that may need our attention.

Whether your child is 5 days or 17 years old, our team’s commitment to your child’s health includes supporting your role as a parent. 

Schedule a visit with us at Southfield Pediatrics today by calling the office or requesting an appointment online.    


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