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Well Child Exam Specialist

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Well-child exams are the foundation of good health, and will likely be the most common type of visit your child will have at Southfield Pediatric Physicians, PC. The team is proud to serve the communities of Bingham Farms and Novi, Michigan, and offer comprehensive well-child exams for kids of all ages. Booking a visit takes just moments online or by phone.

Well Child Exam

What is a well-child exam?

A well-child exam is a pediatric visit focused on preventive health. These office visits allow your pediatrician to chart your child’s growth and development in comparison to other children of the same age and sex. 

Well-child visits are also the setting where your child receives the vaccines needed for comprehensive immunization. Over time, this creates a strong and responsive immune system that is ready to fight off serious infections for the rest of their life. 

Parents appreciate the personalized care the team at Southfield Pediatric Physicians, PC provides. There is always time built into well-child visits for parent questions and concerns. Wondering if your picky eater is getting proper nutrition? Concerned about behavioral changes? Unsure if your child is getting too much or not enough sleep? Well-child visits are an opportunity to get answers. 

Why see the pediatrician if my child isn’t sick?

Far too many parents only bring their kids in to see the pediatrician when they are injured or ill. This approach fails to take advantage of the benefits of preventive health. 

When you schedule routine well-child visits, your pediatrician gathers important data on your child’s height, weight, breathing function, reflexes, skin condition, and much more. All this data is compiled in your child’s personal health record, which becomes an invaluable resource over time and makes it easy to identify potentially dangerous changes. 

Most importantly, bringing your little one in for routine well-child exams allows them to develop a close and trusting relationship with their pediatrician. They will learn that there is nothing to fear in visiting Southfield Pediatric Physicians, PC, which will make it far less stressful to come to the office when an injury or illness arises. 

The team understands that a child’s early interactions with physicians can shape his or her approach to health care for the rest of their life. They are honored to play a role in developing positive associations with preventive health and love watching the kids in their care grow and thrive. 

How frequently should I bring my child in for well-child visits?

Your child will need to come in for well-baby visits several times a year. As they move through the toddler years and into early childhood, they will require less frequent visits. 

Most school-age children only need to come in for well-child visits once a year. If your child has a chronic health condition like asthma, allergies, diabetes, or developmental challenges, they may need to come in more often. Your pediatrician will discuss the scheduling that is best suited for your child’s specific needs. 

If you are searching for a warm and personable pediatrician to provide outstanding well-child exams, call Southfield Pediatric Physicians, PC, today to set up a visit. Online scheduling is also available and takes just moments to complete.