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Immunizations Specialist

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Immunizations are an essential part of childhood health and a topic that parents should understand fully. For those in and around Bingham Farms and Novi, Michigan, the team at Southfield Pediatric Physicians, PC, is an excellent resource for immunization information and services. Call today to book your child’s visit, or spend a few moments on the online scheduling page.


What are immunizations?

Immunization is the term used to describe the process of developing protection from disease through vaccination. Vaccines are the substances injected (or sometimes taken orally or via nasal spray) into the body to produce immunity to specific diseases. 

People often use the word “immunizations” to discuss vaccines. No matter the terminology, immunization is a critical part of keeping kids safe from disease and should play a role in newborn and pediatric care. 

How do vaccines work?

Vaccines work by triggering your body’s natural immune response, but in a way that is not dangerous to overall health. The best way to understand vaccines is to think about how your body naturally fights off disease. 

When a child (or adult) encounters a pathogen like a virus, bacterium, fungus, or parasite, the immune system launches a fast response to prevent infection. Specific antibodies are created to destroy the pathogen and avoid disease. This process takes place on its own, without assistance. However, there are many pathogens that cause such strong reactions that your immune system can’t create enough antibodies to prevent infection, and the pathogens can overwhelm your system. 

Vaccines are created to provoke your natural antibody production without creating an actual infection. Many vaccines are made using dead or weak strains of a pathogen. They trigger the production of antibodies without actually making your child sick, and once those antibodies are present, they remain in place for life, standing by ready to spring to action if your child ever encounters the full-strength version of those pathogens. 

How do I know which vaccines my child needs for full immunization?

Your pediatrician works closely with you to ensure your little one gets the vaccines they need to stay safe and healthy. This process begins shortly after birth and continues throughout childhood. 

Babies need more frequent vaccines to establish the early stage of full immunization. As your child grows older, fewer vaccine shots are needed. By adulthood, a comprehensive immunization schedule will provide your child with a broad spectrum of protection from many diseases that caused widespread infection and death in previous generations. 

To learn more about your child’s immunization needs, call Southfield Pediatric Physicians, PC, today to book a visit, or try the easy online scheduling tool.