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We're still here for you!

Both our Novi and Bingham Farms offices are open for all your child's health care needs.

As we are all doing the best we can through these difficult times we wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much you all mean to us and that the offices are open.

We are open for:

Over the next several weeks we will continue to increase office hours and in-person appointments at both locations to serve you better.

Call our office at (248) 540-8700 or visit.

Staying Safe is the New Normal

What you can count on from us!

Keeping you, your children our staff and doctors safe and healthy is our number one priority. We continue to take extra measures to make sure everyone stays safe.

We have been taking extreme care and we are constantly evaluating our office procedures to make sure all the necessary safe guards are put in place.

Our family caring for yours!

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